Susten 200mg

Susten 200mg

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Susten 200mg
This medicine works for menstrual disorder, premenstrual phosphoric and you can not use in pregnancy period. you should not take this medicine in this condition like jaundice caused by birth control pills, a heart attack, a stroke , or a blood clot, uncontrolled high blood pressure , heart disease, a blood -clothing disorder.

Side Effects
There are some common effects of this medicine like longer or menstrual period, unusual tiredness or weakness vomiting. If you are taking this medicine illegal types so incidentally the problems can create like this types you can see that loss of appetite, pain in the chest, groin or legs, especially the calves, chills, clay-colored stoats, dark urine, difficulty with breathing, dizziness, fever, headache, itching, abdominal or stomach pain, rash, slurred speech, sudden, severe weakness or  numbness in the arm or leg, unpleasant breath odor, vision changes, vomiting of blood, yellow eyes or skin, sudden loss of coordinate, sudden unexplained shortness of breath.

it is risky for you and if you are heart or diabetes patient so can’t take it and you can take one tablet or medicine at a fixed time every day. This medicine works for hormone replacement therapy and used for a lack of estrogen production by the ovaries. And this medicine relieve symptoms of menopause.


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